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SEO in Bing, Yahoo and other search engines

That Google is the king among the search engines used by Internet users in Spain, is clear. But, if we put all the meat in the grill of the positioning of our web, why not take into account other scenarios that can give us a greater boost in the network?

No work in this sense falls on deaf ears. We can resort to the Spanish proverb to say that of “Every stone makes a wall”. That is, prioritize the work of SEO in Google , but do not leave aside the rest of options for our potential customers to find us.

Although they are much less known, surely you’ve heard of search engines like Bing , Microsoft , Yahoo or even Baidu . Each of them has its audience and can help us reach other users and strengthen our online reputation.

Bing, a search engine to keep in mind

Did you know that Bing has a 30% market share in the United States, after having merged with Yahoo’s search engine ? How do you hear it! In addition, it uses Facebook or Siri , the speech recognition system of Apple .

These data should help us to give Bing the importance it deserves and get down to work to position our site in this search engine. But how?

Your criteria are similar to those of Google , as it prioritizes:

  • Quality content and relevant nature: that is, create your own content, focus on interesting topics for your audience and present them in an original and attractive way. Uses headlines with short and hooked, plasma information in an orderly and hierarchical and opens the range to the audiovisual elements. Nothing new, right? This we already know how to do it.
  • Create a microworld around your website: like Google, social networks are fundamental for Bing . Share your content in them, feed them and give them a drink. On the other hand, to position the Bing uses concrete keywords, not anchor text, and includes your main search terms in the domains.
  • The web is not an island, it is an archipelago: Create relevant links to your site to improve your SEO. And it controls and eliminates broken links, since its search engines are also very demanding with this factor. Create a simple web architecture, with no more than 3 levels of depth. And sign up at Bing and send the sitemap of your site to serve as a guide.

As for Yahoo , it works with the Bing search engine , but both maintain some differences. For example, assess aspects such as the age in the registration of your domain and the simple names in this field. On the other hand, to position yourself well in this search engine, you must work on the attractive meta descriptions in which your keywords are included.

And what about Baidu?

Well, the first is the absolute leader in China, a market where millions of Internet users move. Baidu interests you if your product or service has potential customers in the Asian giant. In this case, we advise you to create a .cn domain and sign up for company directories in that country.

In conclusion…

The truth is that it is advisable to look to countries like the United States, where everything comes much earlier. If other options are taking weight there, it is best to start working them here as well.

In c4iusa.com we can help you to work on SEO in all or some of them. Contact us and we will make a proposal about it, which you can not refuse. If you can have everything, why stay with little?