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What We Do

Discovery of Resources on DC suitable for Cloud

Cloud Assessments

Cloud Migrations

Cloud Journey  -Execution and Support

Discovery of Resources on DC  suitable for cloud

  • By interviewing the business/IT personnel and capture the details of Infrastructure  for Cloud Feasibility study.
  • Analyze their workloads and usage on onprem for Cloud cost.
  • Review Operating systems, Licenses to compare a better Cloud solution.
  • Discover the dependencies of other subsystems,API’S , any SAAS products.

Cloud Assessments

  • Upon Discovery, we create a Cloud template for each server and provide a TCO estimates for the Cloud project.
  • We Identify the resources, time, Level of Effort required to complete the migration.
  • We lay out details on any Risks,gotchas,unknowns..etc and the ways to mitigate.
  • We create a Cloud Migration Plan and identify suitable tools
  • for the migration of Infrastructure and other resources.

Cloud Migrations

  • Setup Account on AWS/Azure and apply Best Practices like MFA, CloudTrail, Logging and Billing Alerts.
  • Create IAM users with appropriate Fine grained user access with roles, privileges with standard ,custom policies if required.
  • Create VPC, Networking, public subnets, private subnets, NAT gateways, NACLS, Security groups…etc.
  • Use Migration tools like SMS(server migration service),VM export/import, Cloud Endure..etc to migrate servers to cloud
  • Test/Validate the migrated resources .
  • Enable Monitoring using cloud native tools like cloud watch or 3rd party if required for the performance of the systems.

Cloud Journey – Execution and Support

  • Implement Advanced Monitoring if required, setup Alerts and Notifications from the resources.
  • Monitor and tweak any Instance types for cost savings.
  • Focus on cost optimization when services running on cloud.
  • Suggest the findings and recommendations .
  • Training Internal resources on the usage of cloud.
  • Project close out and push to Operations team.

Pavan Konduru

More than 15 years of demonstrated achievements devising highly-effective strategies and solutions that expand

technical capabilities, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and stimulate business/revenue growth Highly-
accomplished, solutions-driven, dynamic leader and Systems Architect specialized in Cloud Infrastructure, Databases,
Applications and Integration. with unique background of specialized Business Administration, Amazon Web Services,
Azure Architecture, Oracle and Linux Applications/Database Administration, Database Design and Application Server
Architecture skills and expertise. Dedicated problem-solver with outstanding stakeholder relationship-building and
global team leadership attributes. Conducted Devops Scrum meetings and worked on Agile Methods for SDLC
Custom development and used tools like Jira with Confluence.