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The most effective link building strategies

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The most effective link building strategies

When starting a link building strategy it is necessary to establish the most effective strategies to create those links that we need so much. The links must be of quality, effective and varied to achieve a better positioning of our website; understanding that this is one of the 3 fundamental elements to achieve it (the other two are structure and content). The best links can be obtained from press releases, newspaper links, private blog networks, web directories, forums and comments. See how these strategies help your  link building campaigns to be successful.

Strategies for the best link building campaign

  1. Create content strategies

The main thing is to have quality content that is strategically linked, to ensure that other people take our content as a reference. Useful content is usually linked by other pages naturally and this is the most effective way for Google to be happy with our website.

  1. Become a guest author to other blogs

Another very effective link building strategy is to write in a blog related to our theme as a guest author. This ensures a quality link, since we ourselves will have looked for a quality page to write and we will make sure that the article is also of quality.

  1. Write in digital newspapers and press releases

The press releases are an excellent option to publicize our products and services; It is widely used by e-commerce and also by service companies; however, we must take into account some things. For example, it is important that it be made from digital newspapers relevant to our subject, the content that is generated must be of quality so that people are tempted to share it and it is worth publishing them in news aggregators such as forums or blog comments .

  1. Directories specific to your sector

In the local directories specific to our sector you can include links to our high quality website. The volume of traffic to our website may not be so high when placing company information in these directories, but you will notice that the traffic generated is of good quality.

  1. Create embedded links in infographics

Infographics is a way of transmitting viral information, since it is visual, summarized and easy to understand. They tend to be very strategic for social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Ideally, the infographics have an embedded link, so that people who are interested in the infographic go straight to the source of it, this is an excellent link building strategy.

Now you know how to find the best links for your link building campaign. Get them and improve your search engine positioning!