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SEO positioning guaranteed?

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SEO positioning guaranteed?

It has cost, really. But, finally, companies and individuals have given SEO the place it deserves. Definitively, brands and advertisers have increased significantly their budget for natural search engine positioning, convinced of the recent relevance of content marketing. There are companies that allocate up to 20% of their total budget in online marketing to the SEO section and others have doubled their staff with new positioning experts to obtain better results.

Until now nothing to object. The problem comes when … the flies come from the smell of honey. SEO has become a good business and when there is business, the fraud comes quickly. Many web services companies offer their potential customers a “SEO with guaranteed SEO” . We do not doubt that there are good companies and excellent and well trained professionals capable of offering this service. But, in the same way, we do not doubt the existence of professional smoke sellers that guarantee something that nobody can guarantee a priori. It is only an advertising claim.

What is a good SEO service?

A good SEO expert is concerned with knowing the algorithms and criteria that search engines use to design their strategies based on them. The skin is also left to closely observe the competition, see what it does and how it does it. And, in this league there are many teams and nobody can guarantee you at the beginning of the season that, in the end, you will take the cup.

A professional expert in this field can engage with a client to do a good job of SEO: search for good keywords, build a meaningful web architecture, search for relevant links of quality and create original and attractive content. But nobody guarantees that, with it, you will obtain a guaranteed web positioning . Therefore, you should not offer this possibility to your customers either.

A good SEO service is one that is committed to gradually improve the positioning of a site in major search engines. And he will do so by applying his knowledge and strategies. But it is not a mathematical question, whose result is predictable. Of course, if after applying your work, the web in question does not scale positions, it means that it is not doing well. But if the growth is regular and continuous, it is an indication that the SEO is well done and that little by little the results are improving. That’s what an SEO expert can guarantee to your potential clients.

It is not advisable to disappoint your clients

If you are honest and a good professional, you will base your work as SEO on your instinct, the expansion of knowledge and constant research on the net. And your best advertising claim is to show your potential customers the achievements: a good portfolio full of satisfied customers and some success stories.

In fact, no one should entrust the positioning of your website to a company or professional that does not prove what it offers. In this way, fraud is avoided and smoke sellers, so common in the web services sector, are scared away.

If you are looking for a SEO professional, choose someone who will guarantee hours of work and dedication to your project, as well as the improvement of your current positioning. Honesty and professionalism, in this field, should be two rising values ​​to the detriment of the neophytes who have come up. The best guarantee is always a good job. And in SEO, too.