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Programmable LED Tshirt

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programmable led tshirt

Programmable LED Tshirt

This LED Tshirt can Display what ever you want it too and you can change the text message again and again to your T shirt using your smartphone. Our Digital TShirts will reflect what is on your mind – from the good to the bad, from the beautiful to the ugly.

With smartphones getting faster and screens getting bigger and more responsive, gesture control is the next big thing that is making the user experience even more seamless. With the massive leap from type to touchscreen, new methods of using and controlling these devices have emerged – gesture recognition being the key feature that makes smartphones smarter.
While its immediate applications may not seem relevant considering these devices are handheld, this ‘invisible interface’ does come in handy while driving, when the hands are wet or dirty or when users need to handle their phone wearing gloves. Other uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Call Control: Answering an incoming call with a wave of a hand while driving
  • Volume Control: For all audio and video media players without moving the device
  • Skipping Tracks: Navigating the music library without using the touch interface
  • Scrolling: Simple swipe gestures for webpages or pages within an ebook

What could be more remarkable than this? Weaving touch and gesture interactivity into any textile or garment. Most of us have only one smartphone, but we do own much more than one piece of clothing, which makes things even more interesting and exciting.
We are taking things to an altogether new level by making this possible!
Featuring the logo on the t-shirt with an LED panel sewn directly onto the fabric, tapping the logo switches on the LED display and tapping it again turns it off. The company has added enhanced functionality by incorporating gesture control/recognition to their garment.
Apart from displaying any text/image from their smartphone, the wearer can now use right-left swipe gestures, so that the next text/image from their library is displayed automatically – without having to touch the smartphone at all!