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Jaltee Glow in the night

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Jaltee Glow in the night

Jaltee is an acronym and each alphabet represents the name of an inspiring person who brought in revolutionary changes in the world. – Steve Jobs/Isaac Asimov/LinusTorvalds/Nikola Tesla/Thomas Edison/Albert Einstein.

In the midst of hundreds of clothing brands Jaltee stands apart with its focus on creating clothing that is technology enabled and very, very customer-friendly.

Jaltee is not just a clothing brand but a harbinger of new trends in clothing. Trends that are soon set to storm the world of fashion.

Jaltee is an experience like never before. Jaltee ensures that you stand majestic and be the attention grabber at every event or party.

Be it the T shirt that glows in the dark or the Salwar Kameez that lights up the room or the Bag which changes the design on it as per your wish and command. Jaltee fuses technology with everyday clothing and creates magic.

Come discover Jaltee. Wearables will never be the same again.