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How to write content optimized for SEO

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How to write content optimized for SEO

How to write content optimized for SEO

The  search engine positioning  gives you the visibility on the Internet that you need for your website to register more traffic and, as a result, increase sales in your business. One of the key elements for search engines like Google to position you well, is to generate quality, original content and attention to detail.

Quality content

It is not necessary to have too much technical knowledge to enhance   basic SEO optimization , nor to be a master of the letters when writing, but to have certain factors in mind. Above all, you should  know what audience you are targeting , try to define your ‘ target’  so that your content reaches the recipients more easily.

Define your keywords

Taking into account the  keywords  of the content to be written is essential. They will be the main hooks so that search engines can index it. We must choose between 2 and 3 words, without counting conjunctions, that describe the content.

You can do the  search yourself by  selected keywords to see the competition. Remember that if you choose very unspecific keywords (for example, car sales) you will have more competition (although more volume of traffic or people who will search for those words), and if you choose more specific words (for example, boom in sales of cars in Zaragoza) you will have less competition but at the same time less people will look for those words.

The main thing is to place them  before the first 100 words of your text in the first paragraph and in the last paragraph . It is not convenient to repeat them excessively, because you can see the content penalized. What you can do is  place synonyms of the keyword  to enrich the text.

Content structure and structure

Next, you’ll have to start writing the content. It is penalized copy and paste from other web pages (do ‘ copy paste’ ) and this has a very negative effect on the positioning of your website. However, you can gather information from other websites and rewrite the content. The  post  that redactes  must contain more than 200 words  to get good positioning. And as you increase the number of words, the SEO value of the writing will increase.

You must use a structure that allows the  search engine to understand your content scheme , that is, you must  use titles and subtitles . The H1 is the reference to the title of your content and can only appear once. Try to find a phrase that catches your attention. It is not the same “Lose weight for summer” as “The best secrets to lose weight in summer”.

In your content, you must  place links to other places  on your website and to other reference websites.

Finally, you should not forget the  use of quality images . Place labels and fill in the title fields and their alternatives. In addition, you can include related videos throughout it.

Search engine positioning  is somewhat complex, since it is based on a list of algorithms that are set by the search engines themselves. After the above points, it is highly recommended that  we show closeness to the reader , that you like our articles and that you browse and skip content content.