Website Promotion: 7 bold predictions about the future of embedded SEO capabilities

Search engine optimization often causes difficulties for many people, especially beginners. It is for this reason that such platforms with content management systems, like WordPress, offer their built-in SEO options.

Despite the existence of a huge number of plug-ins and tools for Internet-promoting sites, their functionality is not complete and, to some extent, limited.

This area of ​​SEO, like many others, is constantly evolving, but does it have a true future, or will there be a moment when there will be no need for it?

The principles of embedded SEO

Most of the built-in search engine optimization capabilities allow you to customize your site so that search engines approve it. For example, they will ensure that the code of your resource is clean and that the pages are not hidden from search robots. You no longer have to worry about creating a quality mobile version of your site – all platforms of this kind offer excellent templates for these purposes. Moreover, it will be easier for you to change the names of pages and meta tags ‘description’, and the system will send you recommendations on what keywords and phrases should be used for effective optimization.


So why are the built-in SEO options not able to give the same effect as a full-fledged optimization? Why do not people use them all the time?

Few possibilities for customization . First of all, many built-in tools and applications for SEO offer ready-made solutions and do not allow you to customize them in detail. As you know, each organization sets unique goals and belongs to its industry, so a standard set of settings may not suit it.
Unreliable analysis of the quality of content . Some tools for analyzing content in the built-in capabilities can be useful – for example, if you want to count how many times you used a particular keyword in your text, or check your material for grammatical errors. However, when it comes to analyzing the quality of content, such tools can cause a lot of questions, since they are able to spot shortcomings point-by-point rather than scan the entire text and draw conclusions from it.
The impossibility of choosing a strategy and conducting research . Most plug-ins are designed for the fact that you have already conducted all necessary analyzes and developed a clear strategy for the development of your business on the Internet. Moreover, with their help you will not be able to expand it as your company grows.
Lack of options for assessing progress . Many built-in tools can not evaluate your work and give you recommendations on how to improve your results. All this is complicated by the fact that the system can not get data about your goals in any way.
Projections for the future

Based on current trends, I can predict that in the next few years the scope of embedded SEO capabilities will evolve as follows:

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1. New options for analysis . Developers of all the above systems understand that users do not have enough opportunities to analyze their work, its results and content on their sites, so they will develop these technologies. Most likely, we will witness the emergence of services at the level of Moz Keyword Explorer (Keyword Analyzer from Moz), as well as opportunities for choosing an Internet business development strategy. Their work will be based on a survey of users and their stories about the purpose of their SEO campaign.

2. Tools for analyzing the quality of content in real time . In the near future in our arsenal there will be built-in tools that will function according to the principles of Google. For starters, they will learn to carry out a more thorough semantic analysis of the text and determine its subject matter.

3. Comparison with competitors . Today, many built-in plug-ins work exclusively with your site, but we all know that competition in search engine optimization is very high. I suppose that soon platforms will appear on the market to analyze the results of work of other organizations (They will look like services such as SEMRush).

4. Preview the site in the SERP . The built-in SEO services help you to customize your site so that it is correctly displayed in Google – but how to understand that it’s all true? In the future, we will have access to a preview of how your pages will look in search results under different conditions.

5. Data on the current ranking of the site . Platforms existing today can confirm that your pages are optimized correctly, but they can not provide you any comparative data about its current and past ranking. I predict that soon we will be able to learn about the current position of our sites in real time.

6. Step-by-step instruction for beginners . No matter how advanced the built-in tools become, users’ knowledge of the basics of Internet promotion will still be above all. That’s why the next generation of built-in SEO services will contain some training course with recommendations for beginners and amateurs in this area so that they can better understand what search engine optimization is for, and clearly build their strategy.

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See Also:     SEO Services Companies In Hyderabad

7. “Smart” recommendations . Finally, the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence will allow the built-in tools to provide users with useful and relevant recommendations on the development of their strategy. For example, instead of offering to add new keywords, the system will advise you to follow the example of a competitor or to do local SEO (if your business needs it).

Despite the fact that the modern built-in SEO options are imperfect, their functionality offers newcomers in search engine optimization excellent minimum settings, which will be enough for the first months of operation.

If you compare the level of today’s built-in services for Internet promotion of sites with those that existed several years ago, you will see how far they have gone in their development. If you just started to promote your site, do not be afraid to work with such platforms – it will only benefit you. I recommend that you do not wait for another jump in their development, but operate on what is.