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SEO Positioning – Web Optimization:

What is SEO?

SEO (Optimization Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing search engine ) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in different search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Terra … naturally and organic, to  through of Optimization and Web Positioning tasks . This will allow you to improve your position in the search engines for certain results related to your Keywords or keywords of interest. The process of SEO optimization is carried out manually, mainly through the improvement of the internal content of the web and an external work that consists of generating links – (linkbuilding ) – pointing to your web – ( backlinks ) -.


What do we do in C4i Technologies?

At C4i we offer  optimization and SEO positioning services for companies. Following the guidelines for Google Webmasters ,  we carry out a process of studying your website about the design, content and structure of it. We analyze which are the most relevant keywords for your company and then carry out all the improvements that are necessary for your website to improve its position in the search engines . We perform geolocation positioning tasks for local searches and optimization for global searches.

SEO Positioning  work is a constant process that pays off in the medium and long term. It depends on a variety of factors such as text distribution and the hierarchy of your website, the navigation structure, the composition of the URL’s, the ALT attributes of your images, the meta tags, the structure of internal links and their widths of text , the type of domain you have and the external links that point to your website. If you want to contact us to ask us for a quote for SEO positioning services, do not wait any longer, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can make a budget for you according to your needs.

SEO Positioning Plans

What are the advantages of SEO positioning?

1).The traffic of your website will increase progressively, driving your business progressively, your visits will increase little by little but with a firm step.
2).The traffic will be of high quality, almost always related to keywords or keywords that interest you most. Those that define your business and strategy.
3).Your indexing errors will no longer be a problem. We will optimize your website from the point of view of search engine positioning and user navigation.
4).Each visit you receive will be free and you will not have to pay to appear among the first search results as in the case of Adwords ad campaigns.
5).It will manage to increase its sales and will have greater notoriety in the market. It will improve the image of your company both from the point of view of your customers and your competitors.

What are the SEO Positioning Services that we offer in C4i Technologies include?


Onsite SEO Positioning:

  • Review of the content of the Web.
  • Review and creation of SiteMap, RSS and Robots.txt.
  • Web Page Speed Optimization.
  • Writing and optimization of articles.
  • Creation of Landing Pages.
  • Optimization of Goals and URL’s.
  • Optimization of the Web hierarchy.
  • Label optimization Alt.

Positioning SEO Offsite:

  • SEO Consulting.
  • Search of Keywords.
  • Link Building Strategy.
  • High in search engines.
  • High in directories.
  • Promotion in Social Networks.
  • Letters of reconsideration by penalty to Google.