Many Businesses around the globe are starting to realize how powerful Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry and Windows Mobile can be in advertising and promoting their products and services.
This is not a new idea and apps are not new. They have been around since Steve Jobs presented the concept in 2007. Now there are over 565,000 apps in the US iTunes store alone!
Here in Kelowna and the Okanagan we are seeing that very very very few businesses have taken advantage of this incredibly powerful mobile marketing and advertising medium.
There is nothing like a mobile app to brand, advertize and market your business.
Many people think of an app as a game or a tool or utility. They don’t realize that an app can promote a business, product, service or group like no other media that is in use. This not only includes print advertising, TV and Radio but includes all the current internet marketing methods like web sites, blogs, podcasts, Youtube video advertising, SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
Apps have the ability to carry on a two way connection with a prospect or customer like nothing else can. They give the business owner the ability to “Push” information to the app user. They don’t have to wait for the customer or prospect to “Pull” information in about them.
A Custom Mobile Application or App for your business will give you tools like
• Push Notifications
• Digital Coupon offerings
• Digital Loyalty Rewards programs
• Branded QR Code Scanner
• Branded Digital Voice Recorder
• Branded Note Pad
• Events for your business or things your customers want to know about
• Call You or Email You from the App
• View your website in the app
• Turn by Turn Directions to you with the maps and gps of the smartphone
• A platform for showing your “Proof” about your business
• Photo gallery
• Show off your facebook, twitter or Youtube channels
• Featured Listings if your are in Real Estate
These are just a few of the tools available. Follow Duckworth Consultants Blog here on to learn more about what tools are available and how a custom app will help your business like no other media can.
At Duckworth Consultants we also will help you develop any type of app. Have an app idea that you would like to sell in iTunes or Google Play? We provide this service as well. We help you develop the idea and teach the things to have in a successful app. How to drive down loads of you app. Even how to set up your own developer accounts so you can made money with your own app idea, like a game or a utility app.