4 ways to improve the effectiveness of your link-building campaign

Many site optimizers have recognized link building as the most important element of SEO-promotion. You can spend as much time as possible on increasing the visibility of your pages in the search engines and writing valuable content optimized for the most relevant keywords, but the quality and number of external links pointing to your site will still play the main role in ranking.

Building a link-building strategy requires considerable effort. If you type the reference database manually, creating content specifically for publishing on other sites, you need to strengthen the credibility of your brand, establish relationships with influential publishers, and create valuable materials for your readers that they come to share. Picking up the base with existing high-quality content, you will have to spend time to promote it and form your audience.

The effectiveness of link building directly depends on the efforts invested in it. However, there are situations when the results improve, but can not recoup all your labor and material investment.

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How can I improve the effectiveness of my link-building campaign?

1. Diversify reference sources

I have said this already many times, but, first of all, I advise you to make variety in your sources. Having obtained an external URL on one site, your resource will receive from it some authority. If you publish there again, then, of course, get less visibility and authority (even though the referral traffic will remain the same or increase).

Accordingly, it is better to spend more time and effort on finding new sources for external URLs and to cooperate with them – so you will achieve the desired faster.

2. Set higher goals

The most effective way to improve the results of link building is to apply the Pareto law.

If you do not know what it is, I will tell you: this law says that 20% of efforts give 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of efforts – only 20% of the result. Thus, 80% of your sales will come to you from 20% of your buyers, and the other 80% of your marketing results you get only 20% of your strategies.

If you look at this law from the point of view of link building, then 80% of the net authority of your domain will be formed thanks to 20% of resources referring to you. As a rule, they will include high-quality and / or most respected publications.

Despite the fact that in the last paragraph I talked about the diversity of sources, I would still spend more time getting a link from a very authoritative publication than several “middles”.

If we are talking about a set of reference databases using existing content on your site, then, according to the Pareto law, you will get 80% of the results from 20% of your content.

Of course, the promotion of all your materials among the maximum number of sources has its advantages, but if you want the most effective results from link building, try to invest more efforts in cooperation with those sources that can give you a maximum of reposts and new external links.

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See Also:     SEO Companies In Hyderabad

See Also:     SEO Services Companies In Hyderabad

3. Gather a loyal audience

Let your subscribers work for you! Communicate with them, encourage them to distribute your content and try to strengthen communication with them. It will take a lot of time, but the loyalty of your subscribers can bring you huge results: they will share every material you publish, comment on it, increasing your involvement and authority in the search engines.

4. Get help from an expert

Think about working with an SEO expert. Of course, you can do the link building yourself – learn new things, apply them in practice, make mistakes, learn from them and try everything again – but, you see, there are a lot of people who have already gone through all this and are ready to share their experience with anyone who wants to.

Yes, you will pay more, but believe me, the results will be much better, and the time costs – less. The choice is yours.

Link building is a very valuable strategy, however, its value will depend solely on the efforts invested in it. Do not focus on the same results and try to experiment more, learn from your mistakes and do not be afraid to try strategies that have a chance not to pay off. Always aim higher!