Is it worth it to prepare for a revolution in SEO promotion of sites?

Over the past decades, website promotion has become the main tool for promotion of business for marketers around the world. Considering the fact that more than 3.5 billion requests are received daily in the search engines, the potential of each site in this sphere is unlimited. In our time, only a few years of experience in the SEO industry is enough to fully master its basics.

If we are talking about the basics of promoting on the Internet, then it should be mentioned that they have not changed for several years, except that recently the main emphasis in SEO has been made on optimization for mobile devices.

Of course, we witnessed major updates of the algorithms, but the main principles of the region’s functioning remained the same as in 2012. Nevertheless, everyone knows that the world of search and technology has always been characterized by unpredictable leaps and transitions to a new level – so should we prepare for a revolution in SEO?

SEO-promotion as it is

Google is not the only search engine that marketers are targeting, but its popularity and the ability to generate trends in SEO can not be disputed. Since its launch in 1997, this search engine has experienced many transformations in terms of algorithms, assessing the quality of links and determining the reliability of content on the page.

The essence of the mechanisms of promotion on the Internet has remained the same: in order to promote your resource, you need to create high-quality content, optimize key phrases in context, headlines and descriptions of the pages of your site, and gain a good reference base. For the most part, Google left this formula of success untouched, except for some small aspects (take at least the notorious ‘mobilegeddon’ and the Panda algorithm).

SEO promotion today

Nowadays the sphere of search optimization is simple and stable as never before. For a long time there has been no such update that would put the entire SEO community to the ears, and most of the new versions of the known search filters (I’m talking about Panda and Penguin) were introduced into the main Google algorithm. They work in real time and constantly update information coming into the search engine. The latest versions of some algorithms – such as RankBrain – can even be updated independently. All this says one thing: Google has plans for the future.

Is there a probability of a coup?

I know only a few areas in SEO that have the potential for dramatic changes and serious impact on the work of search engines:

Websites . Firstly, we can witness the way websites sink into oblivion – at least in the form in which we use them now. Working with mobile devices, people are increasingly using applications than browsers. If this trend continues to develop and will reach an extreme point – the abolition of websites – this will lead to radical changes in search algorithms.
Native devices and systems “Smart House” . If a few years ago only smart people knew about smartphone wrist watches and “Smart House” systems, now more and more people are introducing them into their lives. “Smart houses” unite all of our equipment into one network, and the device provides us with access to an unprecedented amount of information at any time and in any place. Search engines will need to evolve in order to keep up with the times and preferences of users.
AR and VR . Devices of virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) reality will greatly change our perception of the world and interaction with it, as well as, perhaps, our ways of working with the Internet.
Personal digital assistants . Already today, voice control and digital assistants like Siri greatly influence the targeting and optimization of keywords. If they continue to improve in terms of functionality, then in the future we should expect the emergence of new search algorithms.

What will SEO-revolution promote sites

If a revolution in SEO promotion does happen, what will it be like? It is difficult to say, especially given the number of areas that determine it. I know one thing: it will not happen in one day. Companies that manage the largest search engines are aware of the fact that billions of users work with the same Google every day, so any drastic changes can disrupt all world communications and alienate users from themselves. Most likely, we will slowly go to this coup and watch the rollout of new functions in a dosed and for several years.

Who knows – suddenly the revolution will not generate Google, but some other company, a new device, program or algorithm? Even if so, all the changes will still take a very long time to take effect. Agree, because there are still computers running on Windows 98, although in the yard in 2017.

Is there a coup?

Nevertheless, I believe that the chances that we will see the emergence of new rules of the game in the field of SEO are very small – at least in the next five years. Marketers and buyers will use the search in the form in which they are accustomed, and changes in it will occur almost imperceptibly.

However, we are unable to foresee the future, so I recommend that you take a look at Home Service Direct and constantly monitor the development of technology and always be prepared for sharp turns in this industry.