Why you need to filter SEO recommendations for website promotion

The scope of SEO is difficult to call dark – in addition to the generous recommendations from Google, which the company publishes in its blogs, we are here and there stumble on expert advice on website promotion. At one time, I studied hundreds of strategies to improve the ranking and read more news about the latest updates to have the maximum amount of information about changes in algorithms and new technologies.

As a rule, all the recommendations that we read on authoritative sources and blogs from niche professionals can be called good, because they are concrete and supported by facts. However, my advice to you: if you are a private optimizer and want to succeed in SEO, do not get carried away by the advice of experts and, especially, amateurs.

Stop. Why?

I understand that I can seem hypocritical to you. After all, I just told you not to get carried away with advice, while my job is to give you these very recommendations. Moreover, this article is a recommendation! Therefore, I want to immediately warn you that I do not encourage you to stop listening to experts from this industry and do everything your own way. Rather, I want you to always:

1. Check the facts several times. If you see that the author is claiming some thing (especially if it causes you doubts), do not follow the thought “He / she knows what he’s talking about.” Look for similar statements in other sources, analyze the arguments of other experts and draw your conclusions.

2. Do not blindly follow all tactics. You should always understand what you are doing and why, before you try any tactics. And remember the consequences.

3. We tried something new. Devote part of your time to experimenting with your own strategies. Of course, this way is full of risks, but do not forget that any experiments bring us the most valuable – experience.

Now I will explain why all this should be done.

SEO promotion does not have a single algorithm

Firstly, there is no strategy in SEO that would fit everyone at once. What works in one area of ​​business can be completely useless in another. For example:

● Traditional and local search engine optimization work on different algorithms. The success of local SEO depends on a certain set of tactics and strategies that do not suit you, if you want, figuratively speaking, to conquer the whole world, and not a separate city.

● Competition can either become the basis of your strategy, or destroy it. If someone influential publishes information that the home page of his site has risen three positions in the issuance of a certain keyword after he released one video every week, this does not mean that you will get the same. One of the reasons is competition in your niche: if it is too much, then you will not go far ahead, and if it is not enough, you may not even have to try so hard to overtake the opponent. Think about how you can stand out!

● There are thousands of factors (and their combinations) that affect the ranking. SEO is a very complex and confusing phenomenon. Even though we know a lot about the basic ranking signals, it will always be difficult for us to understand what exactly affects our specific situation. Everyone has his own path.

People unintentionally disseminate false information

Due to the fact that the industry is developing at a frenzied pace, no one is surprised that information about SEO very quickly becomes irrelevant. Many publishers and professionals involved in the promotion of sites, thirst to be the first in the publication of sensational news, not always delving into them to the end.

As a result, it turns out that on the resources of various kinds there is unconfirmed information with loud headlines, which misleads readers. It spreads very quickly, and many people remember it.

People deliberately disseminate false information

However, in addition to freshly-billed SEO professionals who like to stay ahead of events and do not quite understand what is being said, the Internet is filled with experts who are deliberately spreading false data. I often meet with them on forums and in little-known blogs.

As a rule, such people offer cheap promotion services and use black SEO tactics, telling their client that they can get thousands of high-quality links with perfect anchor text for a day – all for $ 100. Beginners in the industry are committed to this and agree to cooperate, not knowing that it is for such tactics that websites receive fines from Google.

Of course, this is just one example of fraud in the field of search engine optimization, but, believe me, there are a lot of such characters on the web. To a person who has just launched his business, it can be difficult to navigate the prices and, let’s say, feel the people with whom he is going to work. It is these newcomers that become the main target for charlatans.

The best way to learn something new is to experiment

According to a study conducted by young scientists at the University of Chicago, it is much easier for a person to remember some order of actions if he does it, rather than just reading about them. You can surf the SEO sites every day, but until you launch your campaign, do SEO analysis, create content and do not evaluate and analyze your site, all this will remain in theory.

There is no mysticism and magic in this. Agree, we are better at what we do most often. Accordingly, if you really immerse yourself in the sphere of SEO, then you will learn how to intuitively feel what you need to do for success, you can easily solve some problems and accumulate an invaluable experience. It is possible that over time you will develop your own tactics that will lead you to success, and the existence of which no expert in the industry suspected.


In general, I can tell you that reading SEO recommendations is useful. This will help you learn a lot about this area, become more versatile, and inspire you to new thoughts and actions. However, do not rely solely on other people’s advice and take them at face value.

If you want to achieve the best results, then you should listen, not listen, always check the facts for reliability, independently analyze the information received and experiment. About torture is your most powerful weapon.