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C4i Technologies search engine optimization in order to obtain high ranks that result in generating more visitors, higher conversion rates, and income.  If your website does not do this, it does not work. C4i SEO process is to improve the rank of your website and web pages in search engines through organic or natural search engine position ranking.  The higher the rank, the more keywords/phrases obtained, the better the results will be.

SEO strategy is built upon how search engines determines ranking, what keywords/terms/phrases that people actually use to search and the popularity of the search engines.  Google is clearly the current dominant search engine, however, that does not mean that you should ignore other search engines. Therefore, correct optimization considers all search engine requirements while weighting the SEO in c4i technology to the most widely used search engine.

SEO strategy is to build appropriate backlinks, also known as inbound links.  Link exchange does not have the SEO impact of inbound links, therefore, any link exchange should be for direct strategic reasons, for example, sharing the same customers makes sense as you may be offering complementing services or products.



Here is a list of the best SEO practices:



1) Research – don’t just target the most keywords/terms/phrases.  Often times, the cumulative total of the less popular keywords/terms/phrases far exceed the most popular and most competitive keywords/phrases.  Go after all keywords/phrases/terms.


2) Search Engines – Optimize your site to compete on all search engines.  Too many times, I hear people optimizing only for Google. Why market only to some when you can market to all even if they are not the dominant search engine.  Things can change very rapidly, be there for all major search engines.
3) Provide good in depth content that accurately describes your products and or services incorporating appropriate keywords/terms/phrases.


4) Presentation is important, not only to catch the eye of visitors, but to also obtain better ranking.  You only have 10 to 15 seconds to capture the attention of visitors, that also applies to your Search Engine evaluation.  If you website is substandard in quality, don’t expect to achieve and retain high rankings.


5) Search Engine crawlers must be able to crawl through your website pages in order to index your pages.  You want as many pages as possible to be listed by the Search Engines. Make sure hyperlinks are available in a format that is acceptable to search engines.
6) We use custom submission service that is built to update as the search engine updates their algorithms.  It is not necessarily simultaneous since there is little notice, but the back end process is very important in order to adapt to search engine modifications.
7) Lastly, building inbound links or backlinks from quality ebsites will have a significant impact on your positions.  C4i technologies SEO uses an automated process utilizing various methodologies.Willy Web Solutions has been in business for over 11 years providing high quality web designs, web development, and SEO in c4i technology.. hyderabad..