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Applications in SEO promotion sites

Applications in SEO promotion sites

If you have been working in the field of digital marketing for a long time, then you know exactly what search engine optimization is, and what it is needed for – never been associated with it. However, the time goes by, and for most of the private SEO optimizers so far is just an optimization for Google.

Their associations can be understood: Google has long been the status of the largest search engine. Two thirds of users around the world who are looking for something on the Internet, work with this search engine! It’s important to get started in Google, but still, it will not be enough to attract the maximum number of people to your site.

For example, if the main source of your profit is a mobile application, then, of course, you want to have as many people downloaded it.

Despite the fact that some links to it appear in the Google search results, people are more likely to find it in the application stores of two well-known operating systems.

The optimization of applications will help your product to better rank in the search for Apple and Google stores for various queries. As you understand, this complex topic requires a lot of knowledge, and in this article I will tell you about its fundamentals.

Basic concepts

As I said, start with the basics. Optimization of applications is very similar to the usual for us website promotion. Application stores strive to ensure that users get better search results for their requests, and for this they are important to observe two things:

Relevance of search results . Focusing on the requests “time management” or “running”, stores will try to output to the user those applications that are able to meet the user’s needs as precisely as possible.

Application quality . If several relevant services are available on request, they will be ranked according to the quality of their implementation (design, name, etc.).

The work of the application optimizer is to improve both these indicators and make sure that its product will be indexed properly – to clearly show users their purpose and level of quality. There are several tactics to help you achieve this.

Names and categories of applications
Despite the fact that technically Apple and Google stores are different, the methods of their work are very similar in concept, so we will not share them. The first thing you need to do is to come up with a name for your application. This will be the main and strongest signal of its relevance. That is, if a person enters the query ‘Uber’, he wants to get the application with the same name first in the list.

Try to include at least one keyword that describes the main function of your product. For example, an application optimized for compliance with this diet will be called ‘My Diet Tracker’. Despite the fact that this title is not too short, its wording is simple, which means that it will be remembered by users and will give them more confidence.

After defining the name of the application, you need to select the category in which it will appear in the store. Apple has an excellent guide on this topic.

Keywords and description text
As with traditional promotion methods, you will need to conduct a small analysis of keywords and understand which of them your target audience uses when searching for similar products. Create a list of potential keywords for promotion and include them in the description of your application. Do not forget that its wording should be precise, simple and formulated in a spoken language.

Also, you will need to register several tags for your service so that it is more accurately classified in the store.

Pictures & Videos

Application Stores exist not only so that many people will know about your product. They are needed for users to download it by tapping on its icon and reading its detailed description.

A lot depends on the description of your application. It should attract people’s attention and let them know that by downloading this service, they will receive exactly what they need. To do this, I recommend that you add a few screenshots in good resolution to the description, as well as pictures and videos demonstrating the process of working with the application. They must impress the user.

Feedback and feedback

For many of you, it’s no secret that app stores rank the search results based on their rating and positive feedback.

Motivate your users to evaluate your application and leave feedback about working with it. Pay attention to what they say: if there is some element that evokes resentment in people, try to immediately eliminate it. At first, it will be difficult to collect feedback, so offer your users some bonuses for it.

Regular Updates

Do not forget about the importance of constantly releasing updates for your product, so that it meets the most current requirements of the operating system, pleased users with new features and remained safe for them. This will talk about your dedication and your desire to provide people with the best conditions for working with your service.

Promotion outside stores
Once you’ve understood your settings, downloads, ratings and reviews, you’ll want to promote your app outside of Apple or Google stores. Here you can come to the aid of creating a separate site dedicated to your project, pages in social networks, paid advertising and banners for other sites and services.

In this article, I wrote about the basics of SEO applications, and they will be enough to optimize your product for any store that you are targeting. When you start your project, do not forget to track its ranking, the number of downloads and the rating to constantly improve these indicators and always know what to aim for.