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Natural web positioning

The natural web positioning is a set of web positioning techniques designed to achieve a web page reach the first and coveted positions in the different and major search engines or metasearch engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. What distinguishes mainly the natural web positioning of the rest of the types of positioning is not so much its result as the techniques involved, that is, the procedures by which such results are obtained. But let’s first look at what is SEO (from English, Search Engine Optimization, that is, search engine optimization) or web positioning, before defining natural web positioning as such.

The sense of web positioning

Nowadays, it goes without saying that the internet is a perfect place to promote and sell all kinds of products and services. In fact, since a few years ago, the internet has become the largest showcase of services and products around the world. And there is no doubt that, given the continuous increase of Internet users and web pages that populate the network, this trend will go up, in a very marked way in the Spanish and Ibero-American case, which are still far from having exploited their full potential in this new field.

Given the enormous market and the immense business possibilities of the network, it is not surprising that all those who wish to offer their services and products try to find a place among the thousands and thousands of existing pages.

From this overpopulation is born precisely the need to highlight their products or services against the rest of the competition. In other words: it is useless for your business to have a website where all its services and products are offered to the whole world if that web page is not accessible to the target public, since, in this case, it will not have visitors and without visitors … there is no possibility of monetizing the investment of time, money and effort made in the creation of a website to serve as a showcase.

And from this need for visibility, web positioning is born, which is defined as the set of practices, techniques and methods to achieve that a certain web page appears among the first results of the different search engines from the entry of certain search criteria or keywords. Thanks to these services, your website can be made visible and, thus, reach the public for whom it is designed. Ultimately, this makes valid the widespread idea that the more visits a website receives, the more revenue it generates, whether these profits come from the direct sale of services or products, or from its advertising exploitation or both.

Now, within what could be considered proper SEO or web positioning, there are many different techniques and ways of working, each with its defining characteristics in terms of its effectiveness, stability and security. In terms of these three characteristics, we will define natural web positioning in comparison with other forms of positioning.

seo services in hyderabadWhat is the difference to natural web positioning?

As we have said, there are several elements that distinguish natural web positioning or natural SEO from other modes of web positioning work. To be brief, we can summarize such elements in three fundamental characteristics, which are:

Effectiveness: Obviously, one of the factors that define a good SEO strategy is the effectiveness of such strategy, which, said in silver, means obtaining the best possible position improvement in the least amount of time possible. In general terms it can be said that the natural web positioning does not stand out especially in this point since, although it is true that great results are achieved, it is not possible to obtain them in a very short space of time. This, in fact, and especially after the last changes of the main search engines (notably Google and its algorithm for calculating the ranking), is more a point in favor than one against, however contradictory it may seem. We will detail this later.

Stability: another of the elements that must be evaluated in any web positioning campaign is the stability of the positions that are reached once the campaign in question has been completed. In this aspect, natural web positioning is clearly highlighted since it is based on the creation of high quality and unquestionable links that, unlike what happens with other positioning services, will never be erased, thus complying with one of the The main guidelines of Google when it comes to performing a quality and stable web positioning.

Security: finally, a decisive element to opt for an SEO service or another is the security that such a service can provide. From the last two major updates of the Google algorithm, popularly known as Panda and Pingüino, aimed at combating bad arts and web positioning techniques based exclusively on the creation of thousands and thousands of low quality links , many web pages, more or less important, that had made use of these effective techniques have been seen and are severely affected, even to the point of being expelled from their privileged positions. To ensure that such a thing never happens, the only guarantee is to opt for a natural web positioning service that never endangers your website and, with it, your business.

Advantages of natural web positioning

Having established the three key elements to determine the quality of a particular search engine positioning service, let’s now look at the advantages of natural web positioning versus other types of current positioning practices and techniques.

In the first place, given that natural SEO is based solely on the creation of a few contextual links, related to the web to be positioned and in the same language as the home page, you get the guarantee that it is a 100% service. % sure that will not result in any time in any penalty, however much the algorithms used by different search engines are updated in the future.

Secondly, while in the natural web positioning only high quality links are used and over which there is direct control, it is assured that the service offered is perfectly stable, which is so important for the security of the service as such as in the stability of the positions reached after it, which can be maintained and even improved once the positioning work has been completed.

And, third, although it is true that the rate of rise of positions obtained by this method is not as fast as by using proprietary techniques known as Black Hat SEO (see: creation of thousands of low links) quality through the use of specific software and speed of vertigo), we must emphasize, however, that natural SEO is as or more effective than other services if we take into consideration, as it should be done, that this service never puts any danger to the sites you work with and that, if that were not enough, the positions that are reached will not be easily lost with the passage of time, as is the case with another kind of professional web positioning services since our links are permanent in time.

In short, natural web positioning is the most recommended service to make any page on the Internet visible, since it complies with each and every one of the good practice guidelines proposed by the main search engines, that is, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

Our natural web positioning service

From SEO Natural we offer a great monthly service of web positioning based on the creation of excellent quality links, thanks to which your page will rise positions in the metasearch engines in a remarkably fast, completely secure and surprisingly stable way. It is therefore a highly recommended web positioning service for static web pages of a corporate nature, as well as for dynamic web pages mounted on different content managers (see WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc.) or to achieve a good positioning for virtual stores of all kinds, regardless of whether they are mounted on Prestashop, Opencart or any other system.

We are happy to offer you a complete and quality service, based on two well differentiated phases to ensure you get the best results in the shortest possible time without ever endangering your website that is, for our team, the first priority.

Features of our Natural SEO service

From SEO Natural, hiring our complete monthly recruitment web positioning service, we can offer you a differentiated plan in two stages, if you wish. The first phase, phase of study, consists of five moments:

    • Study of the keywords hired and the main existing direct competition as well as the delivery of an initial report to record the situation on the On Page level of your website.
    • Audit and SEO OnPage optimization of your site. This includes the advice for the modification of all those elements of the website that are not fully optimized for positioning, including descriptions as well as titles, internal links, the revision of URLs to adapt them to the user-friendly format, the density of keywords, image tags, and header and subtitle tags for your homepage and for all of your categories.
    • Detection and resolution of serious incidents in PageSpeed to improve the score obtained by your site. The score that PageSpeed associates with each web page is determined by different parameters that Google and other search engines associate with good practices in the creation of websites.
    • Review of the SEO optimization of the profiles in the social networks of the website (eminently Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest), including in this section both h1 tags and meta tags to get the most out of the link baiting. The profiles of the different existing social networks are an ideal way to achieve high quality links to a website, so it is advisable to have a clear idea of how to dispose each of the elements that make them up. In addition, with the passage of time, social networks have become considerable sources of information about the interest of users towards different web pages, so that search engines take into account their presence in them.
    • Study and advice for the optimization of the advertising situation of Adsense or other forms of advertising exploitation of the site, in which case you wish to exploit it through this medium. It is known that the location of the sections of publicity on the web significantly alters the options that the visitor is interested and access to it, so that a good distribution of them directly results in the benefits that can be obtained .

For this first phase of the process a maximum of 5 days will be assigned, during which the client, once duly informed and advised, will be responsible for incorporating these changes into their site.

The second phase, linkbuilding phase, which will always be supervised manually to ensure a safe service at the same time effective, will consist of:

    • Creation of links in pages of related topics based on the publication of articles, so that not only will an improvement in positions be obtained, but it will even result in obtaining more direct traffic.


    • Creation of links in pages of related topics from the publication of reviews, always included in the indicated price, in web pages of the same theme or topics similar to yours.


    • Creation of links in social markers of high authority to obtain a greater social recognition of the website as well as to improve your positioning for the key words of interest.


    • Creation of links in 2.0 websites of authority to contribute to obtaining a link profile as natural and varied as possible.
    • Creation of a link scheme following a modified structure tiered link building of widely satisfactory results and     proven   security.