In MX Positioning we understand your business objectives, analyze your marketing strategies, find your target audience and review your Positioning strategy to propose improvements and train your internal team to position your site on the first page of search engines.

SEO AND SEM CONSULTINGThe SEO and SEM Consulting service is aimed at both companies with a new website and sites that currently are not positioned on the first page of results related to the industry they serve.

Our SEO and SEM Consulting services include a comprehensive review of your website from a user perspective and search engine.

Our experts in SEO and SEM will guide you to understand the SEO strategy and you will be able to train your team to implement the strategy with the best SEO practices.

In MX Positioning we make sure that all the elements are covered and that all the recommendations in the SEO strategy are implemented correctly.

Positioning MX is dedicated to the short, medium and long term success of your business. Our Consulting plans are per hour with telephone and email support.


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