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Hire SEO Company

Hire SEO Company


Unlike other companies offering SEO to law firms , we put a limit on the number of law firms we serve by location and the type of legal services they offer. You may be wondering why. It is because we believe in working only with lawyers who believe in our core values and strategic goals.


Before hiring Green Light SEO, you should consider the following questions…


1).Is your vision clear for the types of cases and clients you want to attract online?

2).Do you care about how your website design affects your reputation and credibility within your community?

3).Are you interested in converting visitors to your website to clients and providing them with valuable, important and accurate content about legal representation?

4).Are you looking for quantifiable results that increase your return on marketing investments?


If your answer to these questions is yes, you share our goals. Please contact us at 786-477-7966 to discuss your goals and have an expert evaluate your website and provide affordable solutions.


You may be puzzled as to why your firm’s website fails to attract as much business as you think it should. It may be because your search engine optimization, or SEO, is not what it should be. You run the risk of failing to meet your expectations if you rely on so-called experts to improve your Internet placement without following up to ensure you are receiving exactly what you are paying for.


With so many law firms doing business in your area, you need innovative law firm SEO strategies that differ from other niche market companies. Just look at your local phone book and you will see just how many companies you are competing against for business. What you need is SEO techniques that come from thinking outside the box if you want to achieve your marketing goals.


We employ a variety of strategies, including blog writing, content development, social network marketing, back link development, press release generation, placement in local business directories, custom infographic development, mobile website creation and video production and distribution. Our Internet marketing experts at Green Light SEO in Dallas, TX are aware of exactly what it takes to create and implement a campaign for search engine optimization that will produce the results you expect.


Our monthly subscriptions for SEO services include everything. We leave nothing to chance as we provide every item the search engines are looking for to ensure superior page authority. You receive our full services for one price and not a base service that requires you to purchase additional services. We supply an entire package designed to attract more clients to your firm.


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