Free SEO Audit


What is an SEO audit?

After carrying out this exhaustive analysis, we will send you a detailed report in PDF format containing, at least, the following aspects:


  • Keyword analysis: section dedicated to keyword research and study of the target audience.
  • Internal structure analysis: a study of the web architecture and the segmentation of your web.
  • Indexing analysis: review of 404 errors, broken links, robots.txt, sitemaps, .htaccess and other technical elements.
  • Content analysis: study of the type of textual content and its presentation: headings, sub-headings, images, etc.
  • Analysis of incoming links: study of the profile of incoming links of your web and tips of link baiting.
  • Analysis of the CRO: tips for improving the conversion rate of your website.

The audit naturally includes the necessary support from our auditor for the correct implementation of all the advice contained in the report. You can contact us by email, telephone or Skype. You can even meet us if you prefer.


The price of this SEO audit will depend essentially on the size and internal structure of your website, which is what will ultimately determine the workload it will entail. Write us and we will send you a quote without commitment.


If you want to improve your online presence, contact us now. We will study your case and offer you everything your project needs.


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