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When optimising an eCommerce website there are a number of factors to take into consideration, we ensure that these issues are fully considered and that all of the problems endemic to eCommerce SEO are solved.

One of the most important factors facing the eCommerce website with regards to SEO is the technical nature of the platforms upon which they are built. Much improvement has been made in recent times with some very good SEO features built in; they are also more stable meaning that there is less downtime which is another important issue with SEO.

With most eCommerce platforms it is possible to choose SEO friendly URLS; this allows you to have your primary key phrases in your URL. Many eCommerce platforms additionally have the ability to place canonical links within your pages this instructs search engines of your exact URL and so the efforts you are making externally for SEO are not wasted.

Sitemaps are very important so they should be set up with care an XML sitemap helps search engines index your content more efficiently, they should also ping Google every time you have a new product added to your website giving your product the best chance of being indexed and found.

You should avoid duplicate content on your website; search engines will not give you the same authority if you do not. Lots of articles and reviews of your products should help; search engines love the written word so your articles and reviews should be of a minimum of 250 words. There is no real maximum, but we believe that 500 words are about as much as the search engines really look at.

A clear structure for your website is very important your products should be in clear categories and whenever possible have a permanent URL this is so that off page optimisation will remain effective.

Hyperlinks from other websites pointing to your website is the foundation of SEO, it makes sense that websites that are credited with a high number of hyperlinks from good honest websites are likely the most important otherwise other website owners would not be placing links to them.

Link building starts with placing high quality content on your pages the type of content that will encourage other website owners to link to your site these are the most important links that you can get.

You can however start the ball rolling with directory submissions, article marketing, tweeting, blog commenting, and content syndication. This when professionally will drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine results.

The hyperlinks should point to the domain and to your interior pages we call this deep linking and I cannot stress the importance of striking the right balance enough, it is vital to your SEO efforts.

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