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Link Building

Link Building

The number of links directing users to your site from other sites determines the importance of your site to search engines and plays a critical part in the ranking of your website in search engine result pages. In order to gain page rank (PR) and attain high rankings for focused keywords, you will need a large number of quality inbound links.

Good links also bring in significant amount of direct traffic. Regrettably, the definition of good quality links is not clearly defined, and a great deal of  time one ends up with links that may cause damage to the website’s PR and reputation instead of helping it grow.

At Web Design for Portland, we follow very strict guidelines to ensure quality for the links we build for our business associates. We also place a lot of importance on content-based links rather than only focusing on high PR links that may come from pages that have a very low content vs. link ratio.

Link Building is one of the more important aspects of your online Marketing strategy, and must be thoroughly researched and developed. Adhering to a long-term link building commitment is paramount to your business. Building links and staying on top can be compared to continuously running a race to stay ahead.

Because of the exceptional results we deliver through our link building service, this is the only aspect of Search engine marketing that we handle stand-alone as well and we accept pure link building projects.

For a pure link building quote, please fill in your requirements and send it to us.

If however you’re looking for complete marketing strategy, depending upon which stage your project is in, with reference to the larger picture of your project life cycle, send us a description of your objectives, and expectations and we’ll be happy to help you understand the methodology we adopt at Web Design for Portland to Deliver Measurable Online Success.

Please identify what stage you consider your business at currently.