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DevOps Developer (Go lang)

Location : Bothell, WA

Primary Skill – Shell, Python, Go Lang, Gitlab
Secondary Skill – DevOps, Maven, Ant , Gradle

Job Description :

1.Gather requirements
2.Create User Stories and maintain product Backlog
3.Participate in Scrum ceremonies
4.Update applicable design artifacts in User Stories
5.Iterate and experiment on solution ideas.
6.On-boarding of T-Mobile applications and Teams to CDP/GitLab which include Prepare, Implementation, Close-out and training to development teams.
7.Create, Contribute and Review GitLab templates for new technology stack and requirements from development teams.
8.Create CI/CD pipeline in repo for blue/green immutable and re-paveable deployments of infrastructure following idempotency.
9.Documentation with basics designed to evolve with change.
10.Create, Contribute and Review FAQ to reduce number of queries on support channel and overall to CDP team.
11.Create additional stories for future iterations on improvement to be prioritized in ALM backlog.
12.Support on CDP channel queries , Provide scenario based solutions to the development teams, Point the team to right documentations and FAQ’s.
13.Work on platform related troubleshooting and escalations if needed.
14.Post-Mortems for the P1 & P2 recurring issues and identify the issue patterns , Create a robust and reliable solution to avoid the occurrence of the repeatable problems in the system.
15.Merge request review from CDP Devs as well as community projects and contributors.
16.Platform monitoring and making sure the availability of the platform services are up and running for the end users consumption.